Wicking Socks

Our feet have more than 250,000 sweat glands and can produce up to a half cup of sweat a day. Without the proper defenses, sweaty feet can harbor germs and bacteria which can lead to odor and foot care issues like athlete’s foot (a fungus infection).

Protect your feet during workouts by wearing wicking socks to counteract the effects of sweaty soles. The word “wick” refers to a piece of material that transfers liquid by capillary action or capillarity. This term refers to inter-molecular attractive forces between a liquid (sweat) and solid surrounding surfaces (socks) that cause liquids to flow against the force of gravity (wick).

The best moisture wicking socks are made of synthetic materials that help transfer moisture from the foot to the sock's outer layers to keep feet dry. Non- moisture wicking socks, like those made with 100% cotton, absorb the moisture without dispelling it causing the foot to remain wet.

Two elements create blisters: moisture and friction. When you’re wearing shoes or during activities where you sweat, wicking socks will help keep your feet dry thus reducing your risk of blisters. Help your feet stay dry and cool with the best wicking socks, like ULTRA Sport ToeSox made with Cocona® natural technology™. These wicking socks are not only made with superior wicking fibers, but the five-toe design prevents friction between toes which will also eliminate blistering.

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