Why 5 Toes?

woman holding foot behind head in pose

Every single pair of ToeSox socks is created with a 5 toe design - the difference between a good workout and a great performance. They're built to be better so you can perform at your best. Here’s WHY 5:

Anchors to your foot.

That means no bunching, no twisting, and no slipping so you can get down to doing what you love...only better.

woman stretching bending over

Mia Half Toe Grip Sock

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woman sitting on wood floor woman balancing on wood floor

Mimics Nature.

And the movement of your feet, toes and all. We believe in embracing the natural balance you get from spreading your toes.

woman planking with kettle bells

Luna Half Toe Grip Sock

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Creates hygienic barrier.

While still allowing your toes to feel free and uninhibited. Leave those germs where they belong.

close-up of feet on wood floor
two women downward

Luna Full Toe Grip Sock

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Amplifies Your Workout.

By activating your foot muscles, and allowing you to push your body to its edge.

two women feed with tights and toesox

Mia Grip Sock

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Eliminates Friction.

And chafing, and blisters, and moisture between your toes, while promoting circulation on your morning run.

woman on yoga mat
woman sitting cross legged woman handstand

Bellarina Half Toe Grip Sock

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