Ultra Sport ToeSox

While you're exercising your body and wearing athletic shoes, exercise your feet™ in ULTRA Sport Cocona® ToeSox running socks.

  • Eliminate friction between toes that cause blisters
  • Ultra moisture wicking
  • Vented knit top helps cool feet faster
  • Cushion sole to comfort foot during impact and various terrain
  • Secure welt band keeps debris from getting into your running socks
  • Five toe running socks allow toes to align for increased circulation

Two things cause blisters - moisture and friction. Eliminate these two elements and your feet are blister-free. The five- toe design of ToeSox running toe socks prevents skin on skin friction, while the Cocona® fibers in the running toe socks provide the most superior moisture wicking technology.

ULTRA Sport Cocona® ToeSox are made with Cocona® Natural Technology for an eco-friendly composition. Cocona® uses naturally occurring active carbon (from coconut shells) and mineral particles permanently infused into recycled polyester yarns to provide evaporative cooling, enhanced dryness and odor control.