Grip Gloves

Grip Gloves for Pilates, Yoga and Barre

Hang in there! Whether you're hanging from an apparatus, gripping equipment or on your mat holding Downward Facing Dog, your hands can start to slip. It can be pretty scary - fall out or face plant? We suggest getting a firm grip with gloves that will give you the confidence to follow through. ToeSox Grip Gloves will keep your hands securely in place.

For the hot yoga or Lagree Fitness enthusiast, grip gloves are a necessary accessory. After five minutes in a hot yoga class, sweat beads off your body, rolls down your face, drips on your mat. Holding poses, like Downdog, on the now slick mat is a challenge. The cure to slipping hands is ToeSox Grip Gloves. Our grip gloves not only provide superior grip on any surface, but the terry cloth thumb of the grip gloves help absorb perspiration – simply wipe your brow in between poses and continue. ToeSox securely fitting fingerless grip gloves also allow for more tactile sensitivity so you can still feel the surface your hands are touching.

Grip gloves are great for Pilates, yoga, kettlebells, trapeze, rowing, cycling. When traveling, ditch your mat but not your practice. Pair ToeSox with Grip with Grip Gloves and stick to your practice™.