1. Fire Cider: Your Immune-Boosting Elixir

    It’s that time of the year when we’re aggressively washing our hands and avoiding anyone with even the slightest cough. Cold and flu season is upon us and we’ll do anything to avoid the ick. Continue reading

  2. Dream a Big Dream


    Cold weather and holiday cheer signal the most wonderful time of the year! While we’re snuggling up in cozy winter sweaters, the season actually hasn’t begun. December 21 marks the first day of winter. Continue reading

  3. Lust List for Holiday Gift Giving


    Tis the season for gifting! While this time of the year is about gratitude and giving, we tend to get a little overwhelmed and angsty with what to buy the ones we love. Gift giving is a form of love which is why we put a lot of pressure on ourselves to find the perfect gift. Continue reading

  4. Styling Tips for Your Leg Warmers


    When it comes fashion and fitness, we look to those who inspire us daily. One such source of inspiration is Erin Salvetti (@livinglately) who curates the beautiful blog Living Lately. This babe gives her readers a solid dose of workout moves and great styling notes. Now that it's sweater season, we asked Erin to offer up some of her Fall fashion advice Continue reading

  5. In the mood for warm Winter style


    Brisk air, hot fires, soft snow, heavy blankets... we’re in the mood for everything winter. Checkout ToeSox's Winter Style picks. It is all about legwarmers! Continue reading

  6. 5 reasons to celebrate solstice


    by Dayna Seraye

    In the Northern Hemisphere, December 22nd marks the Winter Solstice, the longest night of the year. Long considered a very special time, the ancients observed this time with ceremony, feasting and abundant festivities. Continue reading

  7. Calming Yoga Poses

    The hustle and bustle of the holiday season can take a toll on the health of our bodies and minds. Reserve some time each day to calm the energetic buzz around you. Continue reading

  8. Happy Winter Solstice

    Winter is here!

    Continue reading

  9. Holiday Travel Essentials

    Are you packing up and heading out for the holidays? It's hard packing light with heavy winter layers, but here are some must-haves that will lift you up and won't weigh you down: Continue reading

  10. Natural Winter Skincare Remedies

    How's the weather treating you? If your skin is getting weathered from the winter weather try these natural fixes to revive your dry, itchy skin: Continue reading

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