1. Tone Your Arms No Equipment Needed

    by Pilates Maven Elaine Hayes

    I get asked all the time, “What’s the best way to tone your arms if you have no equipment or props available?” Well, lucky for you, I have a few tricks up my sleeve Continue reading

  2. 3 Reasons You Need To Try Pilates

    3 Reasons You Need To Try Pilates ToeSox

    As a young child, Joseph Pilates battled asthma and other conditions that left him sick. He turned to exercise to overcome these ailments and found himself enamored with health that is based on the balance of mind, body, and spirit. Continue reading

  3. Staff Picks: Playing favorites for Fall


    The products we create are designed for active individuals – we have a passion for natural movement and vibrant living. So it’s not surprising that the ToeSox staff is also a pretty active family. Continue reading

  4. 3 Reasons To Be A Crossover Athlete


    It’s time to find another workout. We don’t mean ditch your current one – just add more into your weekly routine for a balanced fitness program. Have you noticed that more group fitness studios are offering a mixture of classes? Continue reading

  5. Models behave boldly in Pilates


    It’s pretty cool to spot a celebrity at your favorite restaurant or market – it feels like you are in on a little secret. So imagine seeing a well-known face working out next to you. Check out these models behaving boldly in Pilates Class. Continue reading

  6. 10 Ways to Celebrate Pilates Day


    There’s a special day every year when we come together to recognize a joyous experience called Pilates. Continue reading

  7. Practice trying something new


    They say practice makes perfect. They also say variety is the spice of life. Can you experience both? We think you can. Similar to how one pair of grip socks are designed to help your feet through a variety of sweat-worthy workouts, your one body is designed to move in many different ways.

    Continue reading

  8. Press Play: Songs that move you


    Music has the power to pump us up or calm us down. When you push play, music becomes the soundtrack to what you do Continue reading

  9. Style Watch: Bring Spring In


    Fashion week brings a parade of powerful catwalks showcasing the season's most coveted fashion finds. Check out our Spring Style Watch and get inspired to walk your own catwalk. Continue reading

  10. Exercises that whittle the waist with Courtney Miller

    courtney-miller-reformer-whittle-the-waist Continue reading

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