1. 3 Tips for a Happy and Healthy Gut Through the Holidays

    by ToeSox Ambassador & Nutritional Therapist Alyssa Hustedt

    The holidays are here!!!  Full of friends, family, parties, activities, and all of the hustle and bustle of the season.  This season should be abundantly enjoyed without compromising the health of our bodies and our guts.  Continue reading

  2. Healthy Moms Raising Healthy Kids

    Where would we be without our moms? From nourishing us inside the womb to bringing us in this crazy world, moms deserve a lot of credit. A woman’s life literally transforms the instant motherhood is added to her life’s achievements. Continue reading

  3. Girls Guide to Good Carbs

    grainsWhether you’re desperate to lose a fast few pounds or want to shed a lot more, you might consider cutting carbohydrates from your diet completely. Think again. Continue reading

  4. 5 Steps To Your Spring Break Body


    Sunny days and vacays are just around the corner. Whether you’re jet setting for spring break or planning a summer getaway, you are probably thinking about what to wear by the pool or on the beach. Continue reading

  5. Cool off: refreshing summer recipes


    Are you feeling low on energy or lacking an appetite? You aren’t alone. You’re just feeling the lull of Summer heat. While this season seems to bring with it a carefree vibe and vacation-state-of-mind, the truth is we feel drained. The hot weather has an intense effect on the body. Check out these summer recipes that are sure to rejuvenate you. Continue reading

  6. Easy food swaps and tricks for your next party


    Eating healthy feels physically good, but it can be mentally agonizing navigating through the assortment of indulgent offerings at parties. After all, these gatherings are a celebration, so we allow our willpower to slip for the sake of a good time. Continue reading

  7. 3 of the best breakfasts to start your day


    Question: Are you a breakfast eater?
    Next question: Are you eating breakfast within one hour of waking up? Continue reading

  8. Spring Cleaning: 5 Items You Need in Your Fridge


    by Monica Stevens Le, Founder at The Movement Menu

    Spring is here and that means we all have room to make for one thing: Spring cleaning! Keep in mind Spring cleaning is so much more than adjusting our wardrobe to match the new warm(er) weather outside. Continue reading

  9. Chocolate banana chia pudding and having a successful year


    by Monica Stevens Le of The Movement Menu

    This New Year, it’s important to focus on the idea of “doing you”, not a “new you”. Continue reading

  10. 8 tips for cleansing for the holidays

    tips for cleansing by Emily Potter, Clinical Nutritionist

    The holidays are just around the corner, and you know what that means... chocolate, cookies, fudge, wine, and a whole lot of permission to eat whatever you want. Continue reading

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