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  1. New Grip Socks Workout of the Year

    Working out is one our favorite activities - at the barre studio, gym or on the trails, it doesn’t matter where or how we’re breaking a sweat. A pair of grip socks literally goes everywhere with us – we never know when we’ll find the next amazing workout we love. Like battle ropes! Continue reading

  2. The Ultimate Barre Sock

    Those sassy dames at the barre make it look so easy. You might even stop mid-pliè to watch their seemingly effortless pulses. But here’s the thing, even barre instructors themselves find themselves taking breaks and modifying the movements. Because barre is HARD, which is also why we love it so much. Continue reading

  3. Why Barre Hurts So Good


    There is definitely something to the saying “no pain, no gain.” The workout that tops our list of hurting so good is none other than barre class. We head to the studio to get that dancer bod that’s strong, limber and lean. And it’s there that we tuck, plank and pulse to muscle exhaustion (oh the pain!). Continue reading

  4. Gear Guide for Barre  


    We’re very well aware that barre workouts make you long and lean. It may seem like torture pulsing through those micro movements, but the shake and burn is exactly why those barre babes strut toned legs and tight tushies. Continue reading

  5. What To Wear For Your Next Workout


    Just like the seasons change so do our goals, motivations and wardrobe. The weather might not be begging for bikinis just yet but we are ready for sunshine and a shift in style. For Spring, we choose color as well as classics for our studio looks. Continue reading

  6. Beginner’s Guide to Yoga


    This is for all the beautiful beginners to yoga. Welcome! Starting something new is, well, new. That means there are a lot of unknowns. The best part about being a yoga beginner is that you get to explore everything for the first time without expectations. Continue reading

  7. #sweataday with Shauna Harrison


    We've had our sights set on Shauna Harrison for quite a while. Her inspiring Instagram feed (she's got more than 80k followers) motivates us to make it to the gym, Pilates class, or wherever so we can sweat every day. Continue reading

  8. Fall gifts we love that we found in our FabFitFun box


    This Fall we’re paving a healthy path toward the holidays by passing on lattes and opting for herbal tea; layering up for long nature walks, nourishing our skin from dry winter woes, and refreshing our workouts with good-looking, great-working gear. Continue reading

  9. Staff Picks: Playing favorites for Fall


    The products we create are designed for active individuals – we have a passion for natural movement and vibrant living. So it’s not surprising that the ToeSox staff is also a pretty active family. Continue reading

  10. Try this Summer Yoga Series


    Summer holds the element of Fire. It’s a season of warmth and transformation. This is a great time to utilize your energy and provide your body with dynamic movement it craves. To celebrate the Summer sun and harness this fire within, ToeSox teamed up with YogaOutlet for a 5-day FREE Summer Yoga Series. Continue reading

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