1. New Grip Socks Workout of the Year

    Working out is one our favorite activities - at the barre studio, gym or on the trails, it doesn’t matter where or how we’re breaking a sweat. A pair of grip socks literally goes everywhere with us – we never know when we’ll find the next amazing workout we love. Like battle ropes! Continue reading

  2. Tone Your Arms No Equipment Needed

    by Pilates Maven Elaine Hayes

    I get asked all the time, “What’s the best way to tone your arms if you have no equipment or props available?” Well, lucky for you, I have a few tricks up my sleeve Continue reading

  3. Barre to Beach Bag Essentials

    We can’t wait to spend lazy days in the sun with buds in ears, book in hand, and friends by our side. But first, we must put in our time at the barre. For one, we love this workout! Two, checking a workout off our to-do list makes us feel accomplished (yay!). Continue reading

  4. 5 Steps To Your Spring Break Body


    Sunny days and vacays are just around the corner. Whether you’re jet setting for spring break or planning a summer getaway, you are probably thinking about what to wear by the pool or on the beach. Continue reading

  5. What To Wear For Your Next Workout


    Just like the seasons change so do our goals, motivations and wardrobe. The weather might not be begging for bikinis just yet but we are ready for sunshine and a shift in style. For Spring, we choose color as well as classics for our studio looks. Continue reading

  6. Alyssa Hustedt: The Beauty Behind This Ballerina


    Alyssa Hustedt is a good friend and a fitness maven whose beauty, form and long lines are breathtaking (spot her in ToeSox lookbooks and all over our website). Her passion to help other dancers of all ages and backgrounds pursue their dreams is just one way Continue reading

  7. Something New In The New Year    


    Day one of a new year – whether it’s a calendar year or birth year – evokes an urge for a fresh start. It feels good to have a marked beginning for all of our good habits. The promise is well-intentioned but then, somewhere along the way, the enthusiasm wanes. Continue reading

  8. 3 Reasons To Be A Crossover Athlete


    It’s time to find another workout. We don’t mean ditch your current one – just add more into your weekly routine for a balanced fitness program. Have you noticed that more group fitness studios are offering a mixture of classes? Continue reading

  9. Yoga Bliss For Runners

    ToeSox Yoga for Runners

    You put your ear buds in, step outside, and start your warm up pace. Blood begins to flow as you gain speed. Soon, your legs feel lighter, your breath is quicker, and your mind is clearer.  Continue reading

  10. Stay strong on summer vacation

    ToeSox Grip Socks For Pilates, Yoga, and Barre

    Everybody needs a little time away. That’s why planning a well-deserved retreat helps relieve mental and physical exhaustion. The key is to get away before your breaking point.  Continue reading

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