1. How to Celebrate Earth Day

    Ah, the sweet outdoors! The fresh air blowing, birds chirping, sun shining, trees shading, flowers growing, mountains towering – it’s the most beautiful setting for this life on earth. It’s definitely worth celebrating. Continue reading

  2. 10 Ways to Change the World


    Turn on the news or scroll through your Facebook feed and you’re bound to be bombarded with unpleasant stories that will break your heart. The negativity is heavy, but this is no time to get defeated. Continue reading

  3. Announcing 2017 ToeSox Influencers


    As we welcome 2017 with open arms, we also welcome in a new crew of brand influencers. Each year ToeSox calls for all yogis, dancers, Pilates lovers, barre fanatics, and fit-spirational individuals to apply to be part of our annual ToeSox Influencer Program. Continue reading

  4. A closer look at Rosalia Chann


    Rosalie Chann is on a mission to inspire women to live the best versions of themselves. This New Jersey native grew up dancing and even toured domestically and internationally until she completely transitioned into the fitness industry as a personal trainer in 2009. Continue reading

  5. Make a big change with one month of barre class


    by Shannon Higgins, owner of Studio Barre

    What scares us about trying something new? It’s usually the unexpected elements, right? Continue reading

  6. 5 reasons to celebrate solstice


    by Dayna Seraye

    In the Northern Hemisphere, December 22nd marks the Winter Solstice, the longest night of the year. Long considered a very special time, the ancients observed this time with ceremony, feasting and abundant festivities. Continue reading

  7. Salute the Sun for Summer Solstice

    image courtesy Athleta

    Summer Solstice is June 21. What do you have planned for the longest day of the year? Will you stay up all night and witness the earliest sun beams as they peek over the horizon? Will you celebrate every second of sunshine from dawn until dusk? Continue reading

  8. Time Out for Meditation

    via @livefullon

    When the world is racing and you're only response to "How are you?" is "I'm crazy busy", then it's time to slow it all down. You might think how can I stop when I need to keep going? Continue reading

  9. Virtual Roadtrip Travel Gallery


    That's a wrap! The virtual #toesoxroadtrip has come to a close with 10 stops and lots of friends we saw along the way. Continue reading

  10. Building an Influencer Program

    We're on a mission to spread love and toes to as many people as we can. We find that the best way to build community is to connect with people who have built their own special communities. We like to call these fine people 'influencers' because of how they positively impact the people and spaces around them. Continue reading

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