1. Something New In The New Year    


    Day one of a new year – whether it’s a calendar year or birth year – evokes an urge for a fresh start. It feels good to have a marked beginning for all of our good habits. The promise is well-intentioned but then, somewhere along the way, the enthusiasm wanes. Continue reading

  2. Dream a Big Dream


    Cold weather and holiday cheer signal the most wonderful time of the year! While we’re snuggling up in cozy winter sweaters, the season actually hasn’t begun. December 21 marks the first day of winter. Continue reading

  3. Lust List for Holiday Gift Giving


    Tis the season for gifting! While this time of the year is about gratitude and giving, we tend to get a little overwhelmed and angsty with what to buy the ones we love. Gift giving is a form of love which is why we put a lot of pressure on ourselves to find the perfect gift. Continue reading

  4. Must Have Fall Boot Looks


    Cool weather is calling so we’re bringing out our boots to celebrate! The best part about boot season is the range of styles you can create from the knee down. From Fall to Winter, boots are the must-have footwear you gotta rock. Continue reading

  5. Styling Tips for Your Leg Warmers


    When it comes fashion and fitness, we look to those who inspire us daily. One such source of inspiration is Erin Salvetti (@livinglately) who curates the beautiful blog Living Lately. This babe gives her readers a solid dose of workout moves and great styling notes. Now that it's sweater season, we asked Erin to offer up some of her Fall fashion advice Continue reading

  6. Get your feet ready for Fall footwear


    When the weather gives you an excuse to cozy up in cable-knit sweaters, boots and scarves, you seize the opportunity! Guess that means c'est la vie to those cute sandals and pretty pedicured toes. Wait, not so fast! Continue reading

  7. Fall gifts we love that we found in our FabFitFun box


    This Fall we’re paving a healthy path toward the holidays by passing on lattes and opting for herbal tea; layering up for long nature walks, nourishing our skin from dry winter woes, and refreshing our workouts with good-looking, great-working gear. Continue reading

  8. Why These Power Yogis Spread Their Toes


    We're on a mission to spread love and toes. Of course Love! But what about toes? Why is that our mission? Well, because there is great power in your feet. More than 100 muscles are below the ankle and these muscles are meant to help YOU. Continue reading

  9. Healthy Fall Recipes for the Busiest Time of the Year


    If you’re craving heartier foods and sipping on soups, chances are your body is in tune with the seasonal shift; you are ready for dishes that are grounding and nutritious. Continue reading

  10. Healthy tips and tricks by My Girlish Whims


    We love living healthy, staying active and wearing cute clothes and accessories. So it’s no surprise that Rebecca Grafton, curator of My Girlish Whims blog, captured our hearts. She’s everything we admire… Continue reading