1. Holiday Wellness Gift Guide


    It’s easy let loose of our health reigns when the holidays arrive. Between all of the gatherings, dedacent foods and gift giving, it’s no wonder we get a little distracted. To help motivate ourselves back on track, we searched for the best wellness gifts perfect for the yoga lovers, wellness enthusiasts and meditators on our list. Continue reading

  2. Gift With Purchase: Because We Love You

    Autumn marks the beginning of what is often noted as the “Season of Giving”. Filled with gatherings, cooler weather and special holidays, this time of year evokes the desire to get cozy and to feel deep gratitude. With this in mind, we kicked off the season with a special gift with purchase offer. In every ToeSox retail order of $60 or more...
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  3. Healthy Fall Foods and Favorite Recipes


    You know it’s Fall when pumpkin spice lattes come on the scene and everything is colored orange. Ever notice how the cozy months of Fall trigger a whole different kind of cravings from Summer? Continue reading

  4. Expedition: Reaching Lost Mountain


    We love a good challenge. In fact, we make sure we are setting goals and crushing those goals on the regular. But some goals are huge challenges and take complete dedication and focus. Continue reading

  5. Fall Style For Your Workout


    Style shouldn’t be reserved for the runway. Infusing your style into everyday activities, even the sweatiest of workouts, is an expression of YOU. So, in celebration of a new season, we put together some of our favorite looks for fall, all based on the idea of simplicity and beauty. Continue reading

  6. Which Grip Socks Are Best For Your Workout


    Boutique fitness has everything we love – a great workout, a community of goal-setting people, and, of course, grip socks! More and more studios are requiring grip socks to be worn for the safety and hygiene all of clients. Continue reading

  7. New This Fall: An Inspired Collection


    Fresh and different is something we all crave. That’s why every season we launch a collection of socks designed to enliven your soles. Our Fall 2017 Collection has arrived and with it comes elements we’ve never done before. Continue reading

  8. 5 Tricks To Motivate Yourself


    Just as our daily energy levels ebb and flow (hello coffee!), so does our weekly, monthly, and even seasonal motivation. Sometimes our focus is laser sharp while other times our goals get pushed to the side leaving room for distraction. Continue reading

  9. Yoga poses to celebrate Summer Solstice


    Summer is officially here! Summer Solstice marks the first day of the sun-drenched season that awakens our wanderlust spirits. It’s the longest day of the year because the sun rises earliest and sets latest on this spectacular day. With more light you might experience more energy. Continue reading

  10. Simple Summer Skin Care Tips That Make A Big Difference


    We’ve got skin goals. A fresh face that’s clean and clear is a year-round quest that has us spying the latest serums, sprays and creams to cure every blemish and vanish every fine line. Continue reading

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