1. Destination race: Are you ready to run?


    When you made the choice to start running, the only part you loved at the time was the cute running socks you got to wear. Those blister-free socks were the only things that felt good at the time. But you kept at it. Continue reading

  2. Style Watch: Bring Spring In


    Fashion week brings a parade of powerful catwalks showcasing the season's most coveted fashion finds. Check out our Spring Style Watch and get inspired to walk your own catwalk. Continue reading

  3. How to improve your health by being grounded


    by Amanda Kriebel DPT, E-RYT

    Did you know butterflies taste with their feet and elephants use their feet to hear (they pick up vibrations of the earth through their soles) and each human foot has Continue reading

  4. Use these 5 apps to get fit and healthy


    You set your goals and start your workout program, but then life happens and you lose focus and become less motivated. Does that sound familiar? Give yourself some extra support and check out these apps to get fit. Continue reading

  5. Unlikely dates for people in love


    Who doesn’t love date night? It’s a chance to slip out of your stretchy pants, nosh on fine food, and create romantic memories. If you love going on dates but tired of the same ‘ol dinner and a movie, we feel you. Check out a few of the best unlikely dates for people in love. Adventure calls! Continue reading

  6. How to create a space you love for yoga


    From stress relief to heart health, from improved balance to increased strength and flexibility, yoga is how we get into mental, emotional and physical shape. Continue reading

  7. Happiness Tips: How to tell yourself 'I Love You'


    What if the greatest love story ever told was about the love you gave yourself (we don't mean in an ego-maniacal way). What if giving yourself tender loving care opened up more space to love others? Well, it does! Check out our happiness tips on giving yourself the love you deserve. Continue reading

  8. Quick barre workout you can do anywhere

    barre workout Erin Salvetti

    Even with our best intentions in mind and our barre socks on, sometimes we simply can't make it to the studio for a workout. Continue reading

  9. In the mood for warm Winter style


    Brisk air, hot fires, soft snow, heavy blankets... we’re in the mood for everything winter. Checkout ToeSox's Winter Style picks. It is all about legwarmers! Continue reading

  10. Chocolate banana chia pudding and having a successful year


    by Monica Stevens Le of The Movement Menu

    This New Year, it’s important to focus on the idea of “doing you”, not a “new you”. Continue reading

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