1. Barre to Beach Bag Essentials

    We can’t wait to spend lazy days in the sun with buds in ears, book in hand, and friends by our side. But first, we must put in our time at the barre. For one, we love this workout! Two, checking a workout off our to-do list makes us feel accomplished (yay!). Continue reading

  2. Easy Spring Looks To Wear Right Now


    Spring is a tricky season for style. We want to stuff our bulky jackets and wool sweaters into storage bins, but we must still consider the cool breeze and chilly nights that Spring brings. Continue reading

  3. What To Wear For Your Next Workout


    Just like the seasons change so do our goals, motivations and wardrobe. The weather might not be begging for bikinis just yet but we are ready for sunshine and a shift in style. For Spring, we choose color as well as classics for our studio looks. Continue reading

  4. Lust List for Holiday Gift Giving


    Tis the season for gifting! While this time of the year is about gratitude and giving, we tend to get a little overwhelmed and angsty with what to buy the ones we love. Gift giving is a form of love which is why we put a lot of pressure on ourselves to find the perfect gift. Continue reading

  5. Must Have Fall Boot Looks


    Cool weather is calling so we’re bringing out our boots to celebrate! The best part about boot season is the range of styles you can create from the knee down. From Fall to Winter, boots are the must-have footwear you gotta rock. Continue reading

  6. Styling Tips for Your Leg Warmers


    When it comes fashion and fitness, we look to those who inspire us daily. One such source of inspiration is Erin Salvetti (@livinglately) who curates the beautiful blog Living Lately. This babe gives her readers a solid dose of workout moves and great styling notes. Now that it's sweater season, we asked Erin to offer up some of her Fall fashion advice Continue reading

  7. Style Watch: Fall looks for the studio


    Just like the seasons shift, so should our wardrobe. Don't dress in clothes you don't like or you don't feel good in. It's important that your outer landscape reflects your inner one. Be proud of who you are. Continue reading

  8. Sandals that Save Your Summer


    No matter the season, flip flops are a coveted comfort shoe that gives piggies a break from the squeeze of stilettos. But even sandals can cause discomfort as the sole flips and flops from side to side. Continue reading

  9. Style Watch: An Americana Spirit


    Being patriotic never goes out of style. All year we wave our flags high with our hands over our hearts and celebrate the country we love. America the beautiful! Continue reading

  10. Style Watch: Get Sporty


    At the end of a tough goal-busting workout you should be drenched in sweat and feeling accomplished. Yet, your style can still be on point while you get sporty.  Continue reading

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