Powerful Soles

  1. Tone Your Arms No Equipment Needed

    by Pilates Maven Elaine Hayes

    I get asked all the time, “What’s the best way to tone your arms if you have no equipment or props available?” Well, lucky for you, I have a few tricks up my sleeve Continue reading

  2. Why Barre Hurts So Good


    There is definitely something to the saying “no pain, no gain.” The workout that tops our list of hurting so good is none other than barre class. We head to the studio to get that dancer bod that’s strong, limber and lean. And it’s there that we tuck, plank and pulse to muscle exhaustion (oh the pain!). Continue reading

  3. Are You Ready For Your Next Race


    Remember being a kid and running was just a natural instinct? Our little feet wanted to scurry everywhere – to the next room, to Daddy, down the street. Run, run, run. It’s as if our little bodies never tired; like our lungs had an endless capacity of air. Continue reading

  4. Gear Guide for Barre  


    We’re very well aware that barre workouts make you long and lean. It may seem like torture pulsing through those micro movements, but the shake and burn is exactly why those barre babes strut toned legs and tight tushies. Continue reading

  5. Improve Your Workday Through Mindfulness Techniques With Kristin McGee


    Kristin McGee is celebrity yoga and Pilates teacher and author of “Chair Yoga: Sit, Stretch, and Strengthen Your Way to a Happier, Healthier You” (HarperCollins, January 17, 2017). She is also one of our 2017 Influencers. Continue reading

  6. #sweataday with Shauna Harrison


    We've had our sights set on Shauna Harrison for quite a while. Her inspiring Instagram feed (she's got more than 80k followers) motivates us to make it to the gym, Pilates class, or wherever so we can sweat every day. Continue reading

  7. Announcing 2017 ToeSox Influencers


    As we welcome 2017 with open arms, we also welcome in a new crew of brand influencers. Each year ToeSox calls for all yogis, dancers, Pilates lovers, barre fanatics, and fit-spirational individuals to apply to be part of our annual ToeSox Influencer Program. Continue reading

  8. Why These Power Yogis Spread Their Toes


    We're on a mission to spread love and toes. Of course Love! But what about toes? Why is that our mission? Well, because there is great power in your feet. More than 100 muscles are below the ankle and these muscles are meant to help YOU. Continue reading

  9. Healthy tips and tricks by My Girlish Whims


    We love living healthy, staying active and wearing cute clothes and accessories. So it’s no surprise that Rebecca Grafton, curator of My Girlish Whims blog, captured our hearts. She’s everything we admire… Continue reading

  10. Behind the Scenes with Robin Martin


    With nearly 270k followers, Robin Martin (@robinmartinyoga) has reached Insta-celebrity status. She is one of the yogis whose images on Instagram leave us in awe. Continue reading

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