Foot Health

  1. The Ultimate Barre Sock

    Those sassy dames at the barre make it look so easy. You might even stop mid-pliè to watch their seemingly effortless pulses. But here’s the thing, even barre instructors themselves find themselves taking breaks and modifying the movements. Because barre is HARD, which is also why we love it so much. Continue reading

  2. Get your feet ready for Fall footwear


    When the weather gives you an excuse to cozy up in cable-knit sweaters, boots and scarves, you seize the opportunity! Guess that means c'est la vie to those cute sandals and pretty pedicured toes. Wait, not so fast! Continue reading

  3. Why These Power Yogis Spread Their Toes


    We're on a mission to spread love and toes. Of course Love! But what about toes? Why is that our mission? Well, because there is great power in your feet. More than 100 muscles are below the ankle and these muscles are meant to help YOU. Continue reading

  4. Sandals that Save Your Summer


    No matter the season, flip flops are a coveted comfort shoe that gives piggies a break from the squeeze of stilettos. But even sandals can cause discomfort as the sole flips and flops from side to side. Continue reading

  5. Wake up your feet for your best run


    Let’s face it, the first few steps out the door for a run are not always the most pleasant—but it doesn’t have to be that way! Elite runner and certified yoga instructor Morgan Gonzalez (@running_bum) shares her tips to wake up your feet with a proper warm up and activation routine.
    Continue reading

  6. Getting to know Koya Webb


    When on the hunt for ToeSox ambassadors, we look for inspiring humans who have a passion for spreading love (and toes). That’s how we came to know Koya Webb. Continue reading

  7. How to improve your health by being grounded


    by Amanda Kriebel DPT, E-RYT

    Did you know butterflies taste with their feet and elephants use their feet to hear (they pick up vibrations of the earth through their soles) and each human foot has Continue reading

  8. In the mood for warm Winter style


    Brisk air, hot fires, soft snow, heavy blankets... we’re in the mood for everything winter. Checkout ToeSox's Winter Style picks. It is all about legwarmers! Continue reading

  9. Yoga and more for plantar fasciitis


    by Amy Ippoliti, International Yoga Teacher and ToeSox Ambassador Continue reading

  10. Can ToeSox Sandals help your feet?

    When was the last time you were going about your day and thought my feet feel amazing? Our guess is that hasn't happened lately (or maybe at all). We tend to only acknowledge how our feet feel when they hurt. Continue reading

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