1. Why Barre Hurts So Good


    There is definitely something to the saying “no pain, no gain.” The workout that tops our list of hurting so good is none other than barre class. We head to the studio to get that dancer bod that’s strong, limber and lean. And it’s there that we tuck, plank and pulse to muscle exhaustion (oh the pain!). Continue reading

  2. 3 Reasons You Need To Try Pilates

    3 Reasons You Need To Try Pilates ToeSox

    As a young child, Joseph Pilates battled asthma and other conditions that left him sick. He turned to exercise to overcome these ailments and found himself enamored with health that is based on the balance of mind, body, and spirit. Continue reading

  3. Beginner’s Guide to Yoga


    This is for all the beautiful beginners to yoga. Welcome! Starting something new is, well, new. That means there are a lot of unknowns. The best part about being a yoga beginner is that you get to explore everything for the first time without expectations. Continue reading

  4. Alyssa Hustedt: The Beauty Behind This Ballerina


    Alyssa Hustedt is a good friend and a fitness maven whose beauty, form and long lines are breathtaking (spot her in ToeSox lookbooks and all over our website). Her passion to help other dancers of all ages and backgrounds pursue their dreams is just one way Continue reading

  5. How To Improve Your Backbend


    Does being bendy top your list of #fitnessgoals? A flexible spine, loose hamstrings and open hips and shoulders are a yogi’s dream. While folding into a pretzel would be AMAZING, the main reason we aim to gain flexibility is for optimal structural wellbeing. Continue reading

  6. #sweataday with Shauna Harrison


    We've had our sights set on Shauna Harrison for quite a while. Her inspiring Instagram feed (she's got more than 80k followers) motivates us to make it to the gym, Pilates class, or wherever so we can sweat every day. Continue reading

  7. Lust List for Holiday Gift Giving


    Tis the season for gifting! While this time of the year is about gratitude and giving, we tend to get a little overwhelmed and angsty with what to buy the ones we love. Gift giving is a form of love which is why we put a lot of pressure on ourselves to find the perfect gift. Continue reading

  8. 3 Reasons To Be A Crossover Athlete


    It’s time to find another workout. We don’t mean ditch your current one – just add more into your weekly routine for a balanced fitness program. Have you noticed that more group fitness studios are offering a mixture of classes? Continue reading

  9. Yoga Bliss For Runners

    ToeSox Yoga for Runners

    You put your ear buds in, step outside, and start your warm up pace. Blood begins to flow as you gain speed. Soon, your legs feel lighter, your breath is quicker, and your mind is clearer.  Continue reading

  10. Stay strong on summer vacation

    ToeSox Grip Socks For Pilates, Yoga, and Barre

    Everybody needs a little time away. That’s why planning a well-deserved retreat helps relieve mental and physical exhaustion. The key is to get away before your breaking point.  Continue reading

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