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Knock Knock Give A Sock

We're excited to introduce you to Adina and her mission of spreading love. You'll see why we were moved to send a pallet of socks to her cause. Read her story below:

There’s a knock at your door. When you answer it, you see the friendly face of the girl down the hall asking for a pair of used socks to help the homeless. The request seems odd, but simple enough. Little do you know that your donation and her swift rap of the knuckles would make a world of difference. Adina didn’t either. But that’s what she did.

Adina Lichtman, originally from New Jersey, is a Junior at New York University. She’s only 21 years old but has always had an altruistic heart. As the community service chair for a University club, she arranged a speed dating and sandwich making social event with the purpose of feeding those without homes and in need of food. She took the extra sandwiches to a nearby park and it was there her path was altered.

In giving the food, she met a man who offered a gentle request, “we need socks.”

Adina pondered the man’s suggestion. “Since we’re healthy we assume we know what’s best and rarely ask what others need,” says Adina in our interview. “No one thinks to donate socks because we wear them until they’re worn out with holes.”

A need for socks makes sense. With weather as severe as the Northeast experiences, the homeless wear 4-5 pair of socks just to keep their feet dry and warm. But how does one collect socks? Adina turned to her home to help the homeless.

Adina lived in a dorm building with 15-20 rooms on her floor. She knocked on every door one night and collected 40 pair of socks. She realized that while college students may not have the time or money to donate, they do have at least one pair of socks they can give. And they did.

Next, Adina posted on Facebook about her effort and got other dorms involved at NYU. Friends at other universities heard about what she was doing and the campaign caught on. A total of 120 students knocked on dorm room doors asking for socks. In less than one month, 4000 pair had been collected for local homeless shelters, just in time for a brutally cold winter.

Knock Knock Give a Sock is as pure in heart as it is true in name. This year, Adina is rallying even more students and universities (16 total) to walk their halls between November 1 through December 6 with the simple act of knocking on doors and asking for socks.

The ultimate goal Adina has set in motion is to collect and donate as many socks as possible, as well as to raise awareness about the needs of the homeless. She is an inspiration to us and a reminder that small efforts make a big impact. We are touched by the vision Adina has and the purpose of Knock Knock Give a Sock. To support Adina’s hope of getting 10,000 pair of socks this winter, ToeSox has donated 5000. Because when the opportunity to help another knocks at your door. You answer it.