Have you heard that 30 days of barre classes will transform your body? So have we. Going to barre class is like taking your body back to school for a higher education. Let's uncover the curriculum of the barre class.

Hold it - You may first come to barre class expecting to float like a ballerina in a split leap. First things first, you'll have to build the strength of a dancer through isometric exercises. Isometrics are actually done in static positions rather than dynamic flow. This means you'll be instructed to "hold" and "pulse" in minute movements. Sound simple? It's actually quite intense training that will leave you shaking as you burn calories and strengthen your muscles. Be patient and enjoy the burn; it's proof your body is working effectively through the movements.

Tuck it - The pelvic tuck is the foundation of the standing dynamics of barre to lengthen the spine to engage the core. This tilt is more complex than meets the eye. Listen carefully to your teacher's instruction so you provide your pelvis with a safe, proper tuck and not a harmful one. Tip #1: no clenching! Tip #2: Focus on lifting your abs in and up.

Continue it - As with most things in life, they don't come easy. This goes for barre. A consistent practice and attendance will not only improve your muscle strength, but you will uncover longer, leaner muscles, as well as better body alignment and mechanics. It will never be easy, but it will become easier.

See you at the barre!