In support of Breast Cancer Awareness Month, ToeSox will donate 5% of this months sales to The Keep A Breast Foundation. To keep the deal sweet, receive a KAB bracelet in each order!


  1. The Ultimate Barre Sock

    Those sassy dames at the barre make it look so easy. You might even stop mid-pliè to watch their seemingly effortless pulses. But here’s the thing, even barre instructors themselves find themselves taking breaks and modifying the movements. Because barre is HARD, which is also why we love it so much. Continue reading

  2. Barre to Beach Bag Essentials

    We can’t wait to spend lazy days in the sun with buds in ears, book in hand, and friends by our side. But first, we must put in our time at the barre. For one, we love this workout! Two, checking a workout off our to-do list makes us feel accomplished (yay!). Continue reading

  3. Healthy Moms Raising Healthy Kids

    Where would we be without our moms? From nourishing us inside the womb to bringing us in this crazy world, moms deserve a lot of credit. A woman’s life literally transforms the instant motherhood is added to her life’s achievements. Continue reading

  4. How to Celebrate Earth Day

    Ah, the sweet outdoors! The fresh air blowing, birds chirping, sun shining, trees shading, flowers growing, mountains towering – it’s the most beautiful setting for this life on earth. It’s definitely worth celebrating. Continue reading

  5. Why I’m Obsessed with Self Foot Care


    by Ambassador Amy Ippoliti

    With the change of seasons, colds and flus can easily take hold, so I like to welcome any and all immune supporting options. Believe it or not foot care has been a big part of how I’ve stayed healthy this winter!  Continue reading

  6. The Power of Cross-Training for the Studio Fanatic


    During any given week, we’re spending 3-5 days at the studio with grip socks on, gaining some mental sanity and building strength. If you’re also a regular at the studio, then you know how amazing these fitness classes (like barre, Pilates and yoga) are at transforming your body and building your confidence. Continue reading

  7. Winter Skin Care Tips


    Establishing a routine takes time. And just when you got it locked down, something changes and the routine needs to be adjusted. Take, for example, skin care. Caring for your body’s largest organ is an extremely important routine. It's also a routine that may need to shift slightly with each season. Continue reading

  8. Ambassador Holiday Wish List  


    Geared up in ToeSox, our Ambassadors are pros at moving, smiling and positively impacting the communities they are in. Whether it’s in the studio or on the road, we love seeing where their ten toes take them (and of course which ToeSox style and color is their current fave). Continue reading

  9. Holiday Wellness Gift Guide


    It’s easy let loose of our health reigns when the holidays arrive. Between all of the gatherings, dedacent foods and gift giving, it’s no wonder we get a little distracted. To help motivate ourselves back on track, we searched for the best wellness gifts perfect for the yoga lovers, wellness enthusiasts and meditators on our list. Continue reading

  10. Gift With Purchase: Because We Love You

    Autumn marks the beginning of what is often noted as the “Season of Giving”. Filled with gatherings, cooler weather and special holidays, this time of year evokes the desire to get cozy and to feel deep gratitude. With this in mind, we kicked off the season with a special gift with purchase offer. In every ToeSox retail order of $60 or more...
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